Frost's Bite

Discovered by Davian while lost in the Nettlewood Forest.

weapon (melee)

Frost’s Bite

Frost Battleaxe
Attack Bonus: +1
1d8 + 1d6 Cold Damage


When Davian departed from the rest of the heroes of Sandpoint, he expected them to wait for him at the roads. What he did not forsee was his own lack of survival skills, as he got lost in the tangle of the Nettlewood forest. Tripping over the corpse of a past adventurer, he came across this magical axe. Though he was alone when he emerged from the forest, he was at least equipped to survive his lone journey back to Sandpoint. He wasn’t as disappointed as he had might have been when news came that the Heroes did not share the money from their heavy haul.

Armed with his new axe, he left with Avacyn to Kaer Maga, where it is said the Troll Augurs are always accurate in their prophecy, and information can always be found in the ancient streets.

Frost's Bite

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