Nilas and Garo's loot


Masterwork Longsword
Feather Token (Whip) – Sold for 250gp
Scroll of Remove Paralysis – Nilas
Archaic Jewelry (Sold for 325gp)
Two Black Onyxes
Grave Goods (Sold for 150gp)
Wand of Disrupt Undead – Claimed by Nilas
Emerald Ring (350gp)
Cloak of Resistance +1 – Claimed by Garo
Two Scrolls of Delay Poison – Nilas
Historical Priestly Instruments of Pharasma
Sihedron Medallion – Claimed by Nilas
Bracers of Armour +1 – Claimed by Nilas
The Chymists of Life in Death (Book)
Spear +1 – Sold for 650gp
Potions of Enlarge Person (2)
Alchemists Fire – Garo
Acid Vial – Garo
Wand of Command Undead (13 Charges) – Claimed by Nilas
Smokesticks (2) – Claimed by Garo
Thunderstones (2) – Claimed by Garo
Masterwork Studded Leather
Alchemist’s Kit – Claimed by Garo
Masterwork Embalming Tools – Claimed by Garo
Svilennius’s Formula Book – Claimed by Garo
Svilennius’ Journal

Total Gold Acquired through Job and Fencing: 2708gp


Nilas and Garo's loot

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