Tales of Varisia

The Godsmouth Heresy

A Nilas and Garo adventure

Nilas Devirr, and his Goblin Manservant, the Alchemist Garo, were contacted by Cryptmistress Valanthe Nerissia to investigate bodies going missing in the crypts of the Godsmouth Ossuary.

With the offer of 500 gold and the promise to keep whatever they find below (except for Pharasmin relics of course.) Nilas and Garo were paired up with a young cleric initiate Rodric and sent below the Ossuary into the lower crypts that had fallen into disuse.

Unbeknownst to Nilas and Garo, Rodric was instructed to prevent any items that could proliferate undead to be kept out of these mercenaries hands.

Given a Chime of Opening, they were warned that the priests would not reopen the door when they entered, so they were to keep their chime’s last charge for the way out.

Descending deep into the depths, they found the ancient Grand Cathedral of Pharasma that once stood above the land before Earthfall. Discovering a secret tomb behind the statue of Pharasmas, they found a secret catacomb that led them even deeper beneath the earth, where they first met the results of the mysterious grave robbing. Horrendous Alchemically created undead assaulted the trio, severely injuring Rodric in the process. As luck would have it, Nilas would discover a wand of Disrupt Undead. This turned the tide, and the trio pressed onward.

They emerged into a Laboratory that was obviously in use.
Bubbling vats with corpses inside, strange beakers and vials full of brightly coloured fluids.
Notes and Journals and corpse parts and tools littered the tables. Working on his latest horrid creation was the former priest of Pharasma, and crazed alchemist, Svilennius Tripe.

Svilennius fought fiercely, determined not to be brought to justice, and called forth his creations from his vats, and his trusted servant The Giant Zombie Mr. Marrow.

Garo and Svilennius fought fiercely, and for a moment, it seemed like Garo was fated to die upon the Alchemist’s spear, but Nilas’ intervened and Svilennius was slain.

Searching the laboratory, Nilas and Garo discovered the secret behind Svilennius’ creations, an ancient tome made by a heretical sect of the Church of Pharasmas tens of thousands of years ago, the Chymists of Life in Death. Rodric refused to allow them to take it, even offering them 250gp.

Garo initially resisted, and then relented, but suggested that the trio take a rest before they head back, in case they run into anymore danger on the way back. To which Rodric agreed to.

Unfortunately for Rodric, it was a ruse, and Nilas killed him in his sleep on his watch. Garo took the head of Rodric and embalmed it, for plans of a future experiment, and the duo returned through the Ossuary, eager to claim their reward, fence their plunder, and research their new tome.



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